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Isabella "Bean" Torres

Specializes in sustainable coffee farming, fair-trade practices, and bean quality assessment. Acts as a bridge between farmers and consumers.

Hailing from Colombia, Isabella grew up on her family's coffee farm, gaining a deep appreciation for the bean-to-cup journey.

About the author

Born amidst the coffee fields of Colombia, Isabella's connection with coffee is as organic as the beans she grew up around.

With a Master's degree in Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Bogotá, she's the bridge between the hardworking farmers and the consumers. Known as the “Bean Whisperer”, Isabella’s expertise lies in understanding the nuances of coffee cultivation, its impact on communities, and the stories every bean tells.

Through her heartfelt narratives, she brings forth the unsung tales from the plantations, emphasizing sustainable and fair-trade practices. Every article of hers resonates with her belief: "Every bean has a story waiting to be brewed." On weekends, you’ll find Isabella trekking, with a thermos of freshly brewed coffee, of course.